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Planted and Prospering: Psalm 1

(For the podcast version of this post, please click here.) On a particularly memorable lunch break many years ago while I was a young teacher, I found myself sitting in my car at a nearby park. I felt driven to get out of my school building to seek a time of prayer; I was feeling… Continue reading Planted and Prospering: Psalm 1

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Meal Planning for the Mind

(If you'd like to listen to the podcast version of this episode, please click here.) Meal-planning can be so overwhelming, don’t you agree? Choices, choices, too many choices! If you’re prone to over-analyzing (like me) and easily get overwhelmed by a multitude of choices, then you understand. Affluence and progress has brought the unintended consequence… Continue reading Meal Planning for the Mind

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Summer Goals 2021

(For the podcast episode of this post, please click here.) Wow, summer is upon us! And… (I don’t want to say this too loudly)...but might we get an actual summer this year? Like with people and doing stuff??? Because last year, summer was canceled, as we all recall, and if you’re like me, you are… Continue reading Summer Goals 2021