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When You Feel Powerless

Inevitably, at various intervals in our lives we will encounter situations about which we feel powerless. Things will come at us that affect us that we simply cannot control. For me, a known control-freak, this is especially distressing! We love to imagine that we to be the designers of our destiny, but the simple-yet-difficult truth… Continue reading When You Feel Powerless

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Living Sacrifice

Romans 12:1 has captivated me recently. What does it mean to be a living sacrifice? It’s quite a revelatory, life-altering thought, really, when we really, really think about it. And it is everything: the sum of the Christian life in one phrase. The Lord God, Himself, showed us how by robing His eternal being in… Continue reading Living Sacrifice

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Growing in Wisdom: Don’t be Foolish

In our journey to become someone better than what we currently are, sometimes it’s helpful to consider those beliefs and actions that will NOT take us toward our goal. Like...Here’s what we’re NOT going to do! In our quest to grow in wisdom, let’s consider some of the characteristics that the book of Proverbs attributes… Continue reading Growing in Wisdom: Don’t be Foolish