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Dealing with Disappointment – Holiday Edition

Things don’t go as planned for your holiday event and you find yourself teetering on the edge of depression. Certainly, you’re disappointed, discontent and sad that the holiday didn’t live up to your expectation. What happened? And more importantly, what do we do to restore our sense of peace and joy? To listen to the… Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment – Holiday Edition

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Confronting Anger: It’s Time to Overcome

We are ending our series on anger with a victorious trumpet call! We will overcome in Jesus name! We don’t have to live our lives under the oppressive control of anger. The Word tells us that whom the Son sets free, is free indeed! We can walk the path to freedom by the help of… Continue reading Confronting Anger: It’s Time to Overcome

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Confronting Anger: Seed Thoughts

In our series on anger thus far, we have discussed how anger, itself, is not always a bad thing, as well as some of the deeper root causes of anger in our lives. In this third installment of the series, unsurprisingly, I’m turning my attention to the vital role that our thought life plays in… Continue reading Confronting Anger: Seed Thoughts

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Confronting Anger: Uncovering Its Deeper Roots

Click here for the podcast version of this post! Anger is a complicated topic. Last time, we discussed how there really are good purposes for anger. However, most of us are all too familiar with its destructive force. We see how it upsets our relationships, hurts us professionally, and keeps us from experiencing the joy… Continue reading Confronting Anger: Uncovering Its Deeper Roots