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When It’s Hard

Dreams, goals, ministries, vocations, or callings create excitement in us at their inception. The Lord may drop something into our spirit, we may get a phone call, an unexpected opportunity presents itself, or perhaps as we are going about our daily lives, a God-honoring idea comes to us and immediately begins to take shape. However… Continue reading When It’s Hard

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Foundation of Fullness

So, I’m trying to lose weight. Any of you who have tried to lose weight before know that “the experts” recommend drinking a lot more water than most of us do to help with appetite as well as simple hydration. This time around, I’m really trying to be more diligent about this advice, and I’ve… Continue reading Foundation of Fullness

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What’s in Your Hand?

This thought has been burning in my mind and heart for weeks now. I honestly didn’t know if this phrase was in the Bible or not, but the question kept tumbling over and over in my brain. I think it is simply due to the phase of life that I’m in; at 34, I feel… Continue reading What’s in Your Hand?