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When It’s Hard

Dreams, goals, ministries, vocations, or callings create excitement in us at their inception. The Lord may drop something into our spirit, we may get a phone call, an unexpected opportunity presents itself, or perhaps as we are going about our daily lives, a God-honoring idea comes to us and immediately begins to take shape. However… Continue reading When It’s Hard

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10 Good Choices to Make Today

I tend to be one of those people who make things hard. I’m stubborn, I overthink constantly, and I am a people-pleaser. These three elements add up to someone who tends to learn things the hard way. Yeah...so… not great. In age and a little bit of maturity, I believe that I have come to… Continue reading 10 Good Choices to Make Today

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Every Decision Matters

So, does anyone else struggle with self-deception?? I think one of the most powerful lies I have told myself over the years is "this one little decision doesn't matter.." And I AM talking about "little" things because, obviously, we know that the importance of the "big" life decisions like marriage, education, church, job, etc... What gets us is… Continue reading Every Decision Matters