joy in suffering
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Joy in Suffering

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, please click here.) No one likes to suffer. We resist and try to avoid it at all costs. is inevitable. Somewhere, at some time in your life, you will suffer. Now, the degree of suffering certainly varies from circumstance to circumstance; however, I think if… Continue reading Joy in Suffering

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I Don’t Remember Back There

I had a passing impression today… Does that ever happen to you? Something comes and flits around your mind like a charming little hummingbird. It’s a sense…a feeling…a lovely thought… Light and lilting, it flutters around your face, and you are filled with joy and a little wonder. This happened today. I was interacting with… Continue reading I Don’t Remember Back There

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It’s ironic, of course, that I’m writing this post on a day when: I have really lost my temper numerous times, I have been frazzled and undone the majority of the day, and there are countless things still needing my time and attention. Grayson started online schooling today (temporarily mandatory in our county) and we… Continue reading Abiding

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Becoming My Best Me

I had another post started, you know. It was all about how the season of life that I’m in (stay -at-home-mom, foster mom, pastor’s wife, homemaker) was a tough one for me personally, and how I’m basically feeling like a failure most days. I was going to end it on the up-swing, though, and talk… Continue reading Becoming My Best Me