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10 Good Choices to Make Today

I tend to be one of those people who make things hard. I’m stubborn, I overthink constantly, and I am a people-pleaser. These three elements add up to someone who tends to learn things the hard way.… not great. In age and a little bit of maturity, I believe that I have come to… Continue reading 10 Good Choices to Make Today

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The Fight (Part 2)

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1, ESV)  On this day during which we celebrate the freedoms that we now enjoy in this great country, it is fitting to reflect on the fact that it was hard-fought. It was on… Continue reading The Fight (Part 2)

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Sifting Through

I realized the other day that I have a bad habit of thinking back over my life and categorizing things with a very broad brush. I tend to think, “that was a bad time,” “that was a good time,” “I was miserable in that season,” etc. It occurs to me that this is dramatic and… Continue reading Sifting Through

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To Catch a Thief

It seems like everywhere you go these days you encounter unsmiling faces in droves. Person after person walks by with an almost oppressive cloud around them. Living in Texas, I have to say that I probably encounter more friendly people than others living elsewhere. Truth. But still, even in Texas, the ratio of friendly, smiling… Continue reading To Catch a Thief