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Getting Out of a Funk – 9 Tips

Do you ever just feel stuck? Do you feel like sometimes your emotions hold you hostage and you are unable to do anything productive? If so, today’s episode of A Becoming Journey Podcast will give you some encouragement and some simple tips to get out of a funk as  quickly as you can! 

The 9 Tips At-a-Glance

  1. Pray – specifically – about what you’re feeling and what you need.
  2. Limit your choices. Reduce overwhelm.
  3. Choose your thoughts – even when you don’t “feel” them.
  4. Focus on the bigger picture.
  5. Forgive yourself & others. Give grace.
  6. Move!
  7. Just do something. Whatever you can make yourself do!
  8. Nourish your mind with encouraging media.
  9. Adjust your expectations. Life isn’t easy – expect setbacks.

To listen to this episode, click here.

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