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When It’s Hard

Dreams, goals, ministries, vocations, or callings create excitement in us at their inception. The Lord may drop something into our spirit, we may get a phone call, an unexpected opportunity presents itself, or perhaps as we are going about our daily lives, a God-honoring idea comes to us and immediately begins to take shape. However… Continue reading When It’s Hard

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Dealing with Disappointment – Holiday Edition

Things don’t go as planned for your holiday event and you find yourself teetering on the edge of depression. Certainly, you’re disappointed, discontent and sad that the holiday didn’t live up to your expectation. What happened? And more importantly, what do we do to restore our sense of peace and joy? To listen to the… Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment – Holiday Edition

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Growing in Wisdom: Don’t be Foolish

In our journey to become someone better than what we currently are, sometimes it’s helpful to consider those beliefs and actions that will NOT take us toward our goal. Like...Here’s what we’re NOT going to do! In our quest to grow in wisdom, let’s consider some of the characteristics that the book of Proverbs attributes… Continue reading Growing in Wisdom: Don’t be Foolish