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Becoming Emotionally Healthy Part 1

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, click here.)

Do you struggle in the area of emotional health? Do you struggle to love and accept yourself? This episode of A Becoming Journey Podcast is Part 1 of a series where I talk with my podcast guest, Wanda Chavis, about the topic of emotional health.

Some things we discussed on the podcast:

  • How our emotional health concerns God
  • What emotional health looks like
  • Warning signs regarding our mental / emotional health
  • How physical, mental and spiritual health are connected
  • How emotional struggles in adulthood maybe related to dysfunctional people from our childhood
  • Taking our shame to God in prayer

Resources cited on the podcast:

Scriptures referenced on the podcast:

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:23; Isaiah 61:1; Jeremiah 31:13; Matthew 9:35

About Wanda Chavis:

Being raised in a UPCI church planter’s home – and serving as a pastor’s wife for
over 40 years – Wanda has a heart for the parsonage woman. She has developed
several resources for women in ministry and hosts an online coaching group called
“Leading Ladies.” Her passionate mantra is: To educate and inspire women to be
courageous and proactive in their spiritual, physical and mental health. Wanda
holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine, and a Master’s in
Public Health Administration with a Concentration in Complimentary Medicine.
She owns a Thermography clinic in Spring Lake, NC. A published author, speaker
and songwriter, Wanda currently serves the North Carolina District as Ladies’ Ministries

Connect with Wanda at chavisministries.com.

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