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Becoming Emotionally Healthy Part 2 with Wanda Chavis

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, click here.)

Are you aware of spiritual and physical triggers that might affect you emotionally? Do you want some help learning how to clean up the negative loops in your mind? This episode of A Becoming Journey Podcast is Part 2 of a series where I talk with my podcast guest, Wanda Chavis, about the topic of emotional health.

(To listen to Part 1, please click here.)

Some things we discussed on the podcast:

  • Accepting the love of God is foundational to self-acceptance and mental well-being
  • Learning to speak kindly to ourselves
  • How social media can affect our emotional health
  • The lies that we believe about ourselves
  • How to protect what you “feed” your brain
  • The power of the Word of God
  • Being intentional and setting boundaries
  • How your body talks to you
  • Spiritual and physical triggers, and how they affect us emotionally

Scriptures referenced on the podcast:

  • Psalm 139:14

About Wanda Chavis:

Being raised in a UPCI church planter’s home – and serving as a pastor’s wife for
over 40 years – Wanda has a heart for the parsonage woman. She has developed
several resources for women in ministry and hosts an online coaching group called
“Leading Ladies.” Her passionate mantra is: To educate and inspire women to be
courageous and proactive in their spiritual, physical and mental health. Wanda
holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine, and a Master’s in
Public Health Administration with a Concentration in Complimentary Medicine.
She owns a Thermography clinic in Spring Lake, NC. A published author, speaker
and songwriter, Wanda currently serves the North Carolina District as Ladies’ Ministries

Connect with Wanda at chavisministries.com.

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