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Confronting Anger: Is Anger Ever a Good Thing?

To a fault, I like to know the origin of something. I often lose myself in researching causes and beginnings, so much so that I can never get around to practical application. And so it – almost – was as I began my study of anger. Where did it come from, after all? First, you… Continue reading Confronting Anger: Is Anger Ever a Good Thing?

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Getting Out of a Funk – 9 Tips

Do you ever just feel stuck? Do you feel like sometimes your emotions hold you hostage and you are unable to do anything productive? If so, today's episode of A Becoming Journey Podcast will give you some encouragement and some simple tips to get out of a funk as  quickly as you can!  The 9… Continue reading Getting Out of a Funk – 9 Tips

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Meal Planning for the Mind

(If you'd like to listen to the podcast version of this episode, please click here.) Meal-planning can be so overwhelming, don’t you agree? Choices, choices, too many choices! If you’re prone to over-analyzing (like me) and easily get overwhelmed by a multitude of choices, then you understand. Affluence and progress has brought the unintended consequence… Continue reading Meal Planning for the Mind