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Becoming Emotionally Healthy Part 1

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, click here.) Do you struggle in the area of emotional health? Do you struggle to love and accept yourself? This episode of A Becoming Journey Podcast is Part 1 of a series where I talk with my podcast guest, Wanda Chavis, about the topic of emotional… Continue reading Becoming Emotionally Healthy Part 1

joy in suffering
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Joy in Suffering

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, please click here.) No one likes to suffer. We resist and try to avoid it at all costs. Yet...it is inevitable. Somewhere, at some time in your life, you will suffer. Now, the degree of suffering certainly varies from circumstance to circumstance; however, I think if… Continue reading Joy in Suffering

guard your heart
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Guarding Your Heart

(To listen to the podcast version of this post, please click here.) “The human heart is a finely-tuned instrument that serves the whole body.”1 It is, in essence, the core of our physical bodies, and without it, we cannot live. Generally speaking, our hearts beat over 100,000 times a day, pumping around 8 liters of… Continue reading Guarding Your Heart

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I Don’t Remember Back There

I had a passing impression today… Does that ever happen to you? Something comes and flits around your mind like a charming little hummingbird. It’s a sense…a feeling…a lovely thought… Light and lilting, it flutters around your face, and you are filled with joy and a little wonder. This happened today. I was interacting with… Continue reading I Don’t Remember Back There